Leucania comma (Linnaeus)

Phalaena Noctua comma Linnaeus 1761 (Type)
Noctua turbida Hübner [1803] (Type)
Noctua congener Hübner [1817] (Type)
Leucania nigrofasciata Hampson 1894 (Type)
Leucania comma var. rhodocomma Püngeler 1900
Leucania comma var engadensis Wagner 1909 (Type)

Diagnosis: The forewing is gray-brown with a rounded appearance. A dull white streak runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot and accented below with black for about one-half of its length. The postmedial line is represented by a series of distinct black dots. There is no black, slanting line arising from near the base of the lower (inner) margin. The hindwing is strongly suffused with gray-brown.

Distribution: This species, apparently introduced from Europe, is represented in the National Museum of Natural by specimens from Newfoundland.

Identification Quality: Excellent. However refer to the notes under Leucania insueta for questions concerning the relationship between comma and insueta and its "populations".

Habitat: General in Europe and Asia. Newfoundland is in the northern boreal forest biome.

Foodplants: Deschampsia flexuosa and Festuca sp. (Hosts Databases, 2005, Gaden Robinson, Natural History Museum, London).

Larval Description: None available.

Leucania comma

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