Leucania multilinea Walker

Leucania multilinea Walker 1856 (Type)
Leucania solida Walker 1856 (Type)

Diagnosis: A species of the northern United States and southern Canada. Forewing light straw-brown. Wing with a striate appearance. A white line running from the base of the wing to the discal dot, this white line accented below with dark brown. Discal dot a small, black spot. A dark brown line slants outward from the lower wing margin (inner margin) from near the base of the wing. Hindwing white, but with the outer margin suffused with dirty brown.

Distribution (See map below): This species occurs throughout the nothern United States and southern Canada from Nova Scotia in the east to western Alberta in the west. The species extends southward as far as Illinois in the west to New York City in the east.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Habitat: This species occurs in northern deciduous forest and in the transitional zone. However no information is available on specific habitats.

Foodplants: Bromus sp., Agropyron repens, Dactylis glomerata (all Poaceae)* (Godfrey, 1972, U.S. Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin, 1450: 91.) * lab reared, possibly not a natural foodplant.

Larval Description: Godfrey, 1972, U.S. Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin, 1450: 91, figs. 224, 476.

Leucania multilinea

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