Leucania pseudargyria Guenee

Leucania pseudargyria Guenee 1852 (Type)
Heliophila pseudargyria var. callida Grote 1882 (Type)

Diagnosis: The largest species of this species group with a wing expanse of 40 to 45 mm. from wing tip to wing tip. Forewing gray to brown, almost always with a strong reddish tint. If red is absent from the forewing, it is usually present on the front of the head. Reniform and orbicular present as lighter patches. Traces of the antemedial line present and postmedial line represented by a series of brown spots, sometimes nearly completely connected. A reddish to brownish patch present near the apex of the wing. Hindwing heavily suffused with brown. Valve of the male with a strong, downwardly projecting prong as indicated by the blue arrow in the photograph below and to the left. Prothoracic tibia with a heavy tuft of hair.

Distribution: Leucania pseudargyria is a species of eastern North America reaching from Nova Scotia in the North to the Appalacian Mountains of North Carolina in the south. The species reaches wesward as far as eastern North Dakota and Illinois.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Habitat: No specific information on the habitat of this species is available.

Foodplants: Dactylis glomerata, Bromus sp., other grasses (All Poaceae)* (Godfrey, 1972, U.S. Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin, 1450: 98.) * lab reared, possibly not a natural foodplant.

Larval Description: (Godfrey, 1972, U.S. Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin, 1450: 98, figs. 244,484. PDF not entered.

Leucania pseudargyria

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