Leucania anteroclara Smith

Leucania anteroclara Smith 1902 (Type)
Leucania calgariana Smith 1902 (Type)

Diagnosis: Two species are probably confused under this name. The name anteroclera applies to the more northerly of these two entities represented by the upper adult figure on the left. The second entity is probably an undescribed species and is shown in the lower adult figure on the left. No dissections were available for the second "species" and under the rules of the experiment and methodology, no dissections are allowed to clarify the problem. Each "species" is described separately below:

True anteroclera: Adults with two color forms, a light straw-brown form as shown in the figure, and a second form suffused with dull brick-red. A white line runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot represented by a small, black spot. This line accented below with dark brown, but dark shading not running all the way to the discal dot. Other forewing markings vague to absent and, in particular, no dark line arising from near the base of the lower margin of the wing. Hindwing slightly suffused with light brown. This species is found in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Central Rockies "species": Similar to true anteroclera, however the markings are crisper and the wing appearing more striate. In particular the dark accenting under the forewing white line is stronger and reaches all the way from the base to the discal dot. There are a series of dark rectangles following the discal dot. These patches are absent in true anteroclera. A dark line angles outward from the lower margin of the wing. The hindwing is lighter and more translucent than in true anteroclera. This "species" occurs in the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, northern Arizona, and New Mexico.


Distribution (See map below): True Leucania anteroclera is found in southwestern Canada and the northwestern United States from British Columbia in the north and west to South Dakota in the Black Hills region. The so-called "Central Rockies species" occupies Colorado, Utah, northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. The affinities of the Nevada and California specimens are yet to be determined.

Identification Quality: Excellent for the true northern Leucania anteroclera. Very poor for the so-called "Central Rockies species".

Leucania anteroclera

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