Leucania farcta (Grote)

Heliophila farcta Grote 1881 (Type)
Leucania farcta var. roseola Smith 1894 (Type)
Leucania palliseca Smith 1902 (Type)

Diagnosis: A Pacific Coast species stretching from British Columbia to Southern California. Forewing nearly unmarked except for the hint of a light line and discal dot. Color light straw-brown in the southern populations, or suffused with rusty-orange in northern populations.

Distribution (See map below): Leucania farcta has a wide distribution in the western United States and Canada, but is most common in the west, its range stretching from from southern British Columbia to Southern California. Eastward the range extends to Colorado and southeastern Arizona.

Identification Quality: Good, but the relationship between the reddish northern populations and the light brown southern populations in the Washington to northern California region needs to be determined.

Leucania farcta

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