Leucania humidicola Guenee

Leucania humidicola Guenee 1852 (Type)
Cirphis februalis Hill 1924 (Type)
Rest of the synonymy of this species uncertain

Diagnosis: A tropical New World species reaching the extreme southern regions of the United States. Forewing light tan with a slight yellow tint. A prominent white line stretches from the base of the wing to the discal dot, the line heavily shaded below with dark brown. Postmedial line represented by a series of dark spots. Hindwing pure white with a slight amount of gray-brown suffusion along the the outer margin. Prothoracic tibia of the male with a heavy tuft of hair-like scales.

Distribution: Leucania humidicola is widely distribution in the American tropics and occurs in the United States only in the south of Florida, Texas and California.

Identification Quality: Excellent for the United States, but identify confused in the American tropics because of the existence of related and similar species.

Leucania humidicola

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