Leucania imperfecta Smith

Leucania imperfecta Smith 1894 (Type)

Diagnosis: A species of the southwestern United States. The forewing is a rich, light chocolate brown. A conspicuous black line runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot. The discal dot is white, elongate, and commonly has a hook at its apical end. A series of small, black dashes occurs outward from the end of the discal dot. A black, slanting line arises from the lower (inner) margin of the wing near the base.

Distribution: Leucania imperfecta ranges in the U.S. Southwest from western Texas in the east to southern California in the west. The species presumably also occurs in northern Mexico.

Identification Quality: Excellent. Despite the large superficial differences between the two species, Leucania imperfecta is very closely related to Leucania oregona from the Pacific Northwest.

Leucania imperfecta

Similar Species: This species is distinctive and is unlikely to be confused with any other in the region.

Similar Species