Leucania infatuans Franclemont

Leucania infatuans Franclemont 1972 (Type)

Neotropical synonymy, if any, unknown

Diagnosis: A species of southern Florida, the Antilles, and tropical America. Forewing straw yellow without any distinct markings. Discal dot a black dot only slightly surrounded by pale yellow. Postmedial line consisting of only two, small, black dots. Hindwing white in both the male and female, suffused with dark brown only along the extreme outer margin.

Distribution: Leucania infatuans is a tropical and subtropical species entering the United States in Florida and southern Texas. It is also known from Mexico and the Antilles. However its distribution in the American tropics is unknown because of the existence of related and closely similar species including Leucania dorsalis.

Identification Quality: Excellent in the United States, but much still remains unresolved in the New World south of the U.S. - Mexican border.

Leucania infatuans

Similar Species: Leucania adjuta

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