Leucania lapidaria (Grote)

Heliophila lapidaria Grote 1875 (Type)

Diagnosis: A species of the northern United States and southern Canada. Forewing light straw-brown. Wing with a striate appearance. A white line runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot, this white line accented below with dark brown. Discal dot a small, black dot. A dark brown line slants outward from the lower wing margin (inner margin) from near the base of the wing. Hindwing pure white, with only a few vague black spots along the outer margin.

Distribution: Leucania lapidaria occurs primarily in the northeastern United States from Maine in the north to western Maryland in the south, westward to Ohio and Michigan. A single specimen from Houston, Texas is anomalous, but is neither mislabeled or misidentified.

Identification Quality: Excellent


Leucania lapidaria

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