Leucania linda Franclemont

Leucania linda Franclemont 1952 (Type)

Diagnosis: A common species of the eastern United States. Forewing tan with a distinct brick-red tint. A very weak white line runs between the base of the wing and discal dot, but is not prominent. This white line is not accented or only weakly accented with dark brown, and if so only near the base of the wing. Postmedial line represented by a series of small dark brown spots. Hindwing not white, heavily suffused with dull gray-brown.

Distribution: Leucania linda has a similar, but slightly more southerly, distribution as phragmatidicola. The species is absent in most of New England and Canada, and from the southeastern United States. The range extends as far west as the eastern edge of the Great Plains and southward into eastern and central Texas.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania linda

Similar Species:

Leucania phragmatidicola


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