Leucania linita Guenee 1852

Leucania linita Guenee 1852 (Type)
Heliophila amygdalina Harvey 1878 (Type)

Diagnosis: An eastern species and missing nearly all wing markings. Coloration light yellow-brown to tan, with northern populations typically mostly light yellow-brown and southern populations (New York and south) light tan. In darker specimens the discal dot is the same color as the rest of the wing and accented with dull black. Postmedial line faint, but usually a complete set of dots. Hindwing light, almost white, and with a series of black dots around its outer edge. The smallest species in the eastern United States. Wings have an indefiniable flimsy look about them.

Distribution (See map below): The range of Leucania linita stretches primarily along the eastern coastline from Nova Scotia in the north to Florida in the south. The species has also been collected in Louisiana. In a strange disjunction of its range the species has also been collected in the sand prairie region of Nebraska.

Identification Quality: Excellent.

Leucania linita

Similar Species: Although lacking almost all markings on the wings, this species should not be confused with any other eastern species of Leucania.

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