Leucania oregona Smith

Leucania oregona Smith 1902(Type)

Diagnosis: A rare species from the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The forewing light tan (with a slight reddish tint) with a variegated, striate appearance. A white stripe runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot and is accented below only near the base of the wing. discal dot a small black spot. Inner half of the forward margin of the wing (costa) slightly lighter than the wing below it. Hindwing white with a slight amount of light, gray-brown along the outer margin. The male genitalia are distinctive except for the superficially distinct Leucania imperfecta from the U.S. Southwest.

Distribution: Leucania oregona is a rare and its distributioin is not well known. The species is represented in the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History by specimens from northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Identification Quality: Excellent. However Leucania oregona and Leucania imperfecta (from the U.S. Southwest) are closely related despite large differences in superficial appearance. A remote chance exists that oregona represents a disjunct and distinctive population of imperfecta. This problem remains to be resolved.

Leucania oregona

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