Leucania phragmatidicola Guenee

Leucania phragmatidicola Guenee 1852 (Type)

Diagnosis: A common species of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. Forewing color light tan, smooth in appearance, and without a brick-red tint. A distinctive white runs from the base of the forewing to the discal dot and then to the postmedial line. White line accented below with dark brown. Postmedial line represented by a variable number of dark brown spots. Hindwing white, slightly tinged with dull gray-brown along the outer margin.

Distribution: Leucania phragmatidicola is a common species occurring throughout most of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. It appears to be absent from much of the southeastern United States. Its range extends westward to the eastern Great Plains region.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania phragmatidicola

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