Leucania senescens Möschler

Leucania senescens Möschler 1890 (Type)

Diagnosis: A species of the American tropics and southern Florida. Forewing with a narrow, pointed appearance. Forewing color light brown with a white discal dot. Both postmedial and antemedial lines represented by a series of small black dots. A darker brown, triangular patch near the apex of the wing. Hindwing hyaline white with small amounts of dull brown along the outer margin of the wing. This species has been known as "Leucania latiuscula" until recently.

Similar Species: Leucania senescens is most likely to be confused with either Leucania adjuta or Leucania infatuans. Both of these species are lighter in color and with a squarer, shorter forewings. Both of these species may have an isolated black spot in the place of the postmedial and antemedial lines, but in neither case do the spots form a distinct line.

Distribution: Leucania senescens is a common and widespread species of the American tropics. However the species is only known from southern Florida in the United States.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania senescens

Similar Species:

Leucania adjuta

Leucania infatuans

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