Leucania stolata Smith

Leucania stolata Smith 1894 (Type)
Meliana perstrigata Dyar 1910 (Type)

Diagnosis: Leucania stolata is a species of the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. The forewing is a creamy yellow with almost a glossy sheen. A strong, prominent white lines runs from the base of the wing to the discal dot and is accented below with dark gray. The discal dot is a small, gray spot and is followed by a triangular gray patch angled toward the outer margin of the wing. The outer margin of the wing has small, gray, diffuse streaks. Hindwing pure white.

Distribution: Leucania stolata is a primarily Mexican species so far known only from southeastern east-central Arizona in the United States.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania stolata

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Leucania stolata


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