Leucania subpunctata (Harvey)

Heliophila subpunctata Harvey 1875 (Type)

Diagnosis: Forewing suffused with dark brown. A diffuse dark line runs from the base of the wing to the small, white discal dot. Wing with a striate appearance. A light triangular patch near the apex of the wing. Hindwing translucent white with dark accenting restricted to the veins and the extreme outer margin of the wing. In the past this species has been known as "latiuscula".

Distribution (See map below): Leucania subpunctata is a southern U.S. species occuring primarily (but not exclusively) in coastal areas from New Jersey in the north, southward to Florida and westward to southeastern Texas. The species also occurs in the Antilles, Mexico, and southward into the American tropics. The tropical distribution of the species is yet to be determined.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania subpunctata

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Leucania lobrega

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