Leucania ursula (Forbes)

Cirphis ursula Forbes 1936 (Type)

Diagnosis: Forewing gray-brown. Expanse about 30 mm. from wing tip to wing tip. Reniform a large, pale kidney-shaped spot with a distinct dark discal spot. Orbicular absent. Antemedial and postmedial lines present, although irregular and not prominent. Hindwing heavily suffused with dark gray-brown. Male prothoracic tibia with a large tuft of hairs.

Distribution: Leucania ursula is widely distributed in the northeastern and north-central United States from southern New England in the north to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the south. The species reaches eastern North Dakota and Kansas in the west.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Leucania ursula

Similar Species:

Leucania pseudargyria

Leucania inermis

Leucania calidior


The four species of this species complex (pseudargyria, ursula, inermis, and calidior) cannot be identified with certainty except by dissecting the male genitalia.

Similar Species