Noctuidae - Acontiinae


Photograph courtesy of Vernon Brou


Ponometia new species 2

Diagnosis: This new species of Ponometia is distinctive in a fuzzy sort of way. The forewing is brown with a slightly rusty tinge. A white streak runs horizontally along the wing from the base of the wing to the apex. A second, much shorter white streak occurs below the reniform. The terminal line is white and smooth. The hindwing is uniformly rusty light brown.

This species, without having examined the male or female genitalia, appears to be most closely related to Ponometia bruchi, a strange species known from Costa Rica and Argentina. Indeed this may be the same species.

Distribution: This species is not represented in the USNM. It has been collected by Vernon Brou who provided me with a photograph. USA, Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish, 2 mi. SE Abita Springs.

Identification Quality: Poor. The relationship of this supposedly new species to Ponometia bruchi needs to be examined.

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown. However Ponometia bruchi has been reared on Ayenia micrantha family: (Sterculiaceae) by D. Janzen and W. Hallwachs in Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica.


Ponometia new species 2

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