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Condica new species 3

This is the species misidentified as "Perigea hypocritica" in Hodges et al. (1983)

Diagnosis: Condica new species 3 is one of the more distinctive species of the genus Condica in North America. The forewing is red-brown with strong white markings. There is a white spot at the very base of the forewing which is closely followed by three white dots in the general vicinity of the antemedial line. The orbicular spot consists of a broken circle of white spots delineated thin black lines. The center of the orbicular spot is light yellow. The reniform spot is large and a complex grouping of outer white spots vaguely surrounding slightly yellowish yellow spots. The postmedial line is obscure represented by a most two or three dull yellow or vague white spots. The subterminal line is represented by three to five relatively large white dots. The terminal line is constructed of a series of small white dots. The hindwing of the male is white with brown shading along the outer margin. The hindwing of the female also has a white base, but the outer brown shading is more extensive.

Distribution: This species is primarily a denizen of Mexico and Central America reaching its northern extension in extreme southern Texas. In South America specimens have been collected in Colombia and northern Venezuela. There is a single old specimen labeled "Rio Janeiro". The specimen may be mislabeled and the occurence of the species this far south and east in South America needs to be confirmed. A single U.S. specimen is known and was collected in extreme southeastern Texas in September. In Mexico the species has been found in April, June, July, August, and September.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Condica new species 3


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