Noctuidae - Cuculliinae




Cucullia mcdunnoughi (Henne)

Copicucullia mcdunnoughi Henne, 1940, Bull. S. California Acad. Sci., 39:71.

Diagnosis: Cucullia mcdunnoughi is the second of two closely related species from the western United States; the other is Cucullia basipuncta. The apophyses anteriores in both species are double and y-shaped. The ductus bursae in both species is wide relative to its length and the sclerotized area lacks the ridges found in other species in the genus. The male valve of both species is strongly sclerotized and the clasper is located near the apex of the valve. The corona is absent. Both species are light gray with blotches of black, particularly on the forewing costa between the reniform and orbicular marks. Cucullia basipuncta and mcdunnoughi are superficially similar; the main difference is in the strength of the forewing postmedial line. The postmedial line of basipuncta is apparent all the way from the costa to the inner margin, but is distinct only in the lower half of the wing. The postmedial line of mcdunnoughi is completely absent. The best differences between the two species are in the male genitalia. The apex of the valve is produced into a blunt spine in mcdunnoughi but is not in basipuncta. The clasper is also larger in mcdunnoughi and its tip touches the costa of the valve. The clasper is much smaller in basipuncta and comes no where near the costal margin of the valve.Wing length from base to apex: mean = 16.27 mm., standard deviation = 0.67 mm., n = 10.

Distribution: Although mcdunnoughi and basipuncta have both been collected at Palm Springs in southern California, mcdunnoughi has a wider and more northerly distribution. It has been collected in southern and east-central California, southern Arizona, northern and central Nevada, and eastern Washington. Cucullia mcdunnough is undoubtedly a desert species as are the other species in this group.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: There is a specimen in the LACM reared by Christopher Henne from Stephanomeria sp. and apparently collected along with larvae of basipuncta from the same foodplant.


Cucullia mcdunnoughi

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