Noctuidae - Cuculliinae




Cucullia postera Guenée

Cucullia postera Guenée, 1852, in Boisduval and Guenée, Histoire Naturalle des Insectes. Species General des Lépidoptéres, 6:133.

Diagnosis: The forewing of postera is violet brown with distinct rusty red patches along the costa from the orbicular mark toward the apex and in the inner angle between the outer margin and the lower end of the postmedial line. In particular the region of the forewing between the reniform mark and the anal dash is distinctly lighter than the costal region. The forewing of florea lacks this lighter patch and does not have distinct rusty red patches, although the costa has a distinctly purplish brown tinge to it. Wing length from base to apex: mean = 20.65 mm., standard deviation = 0.78 mm., n = 10.

Distribution: Cucullia postera occurs in the mountains of New England, the Maritime provinces of Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Wisconsin, the plains provinces, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and as far south as the White Mountains and southeastern Arizona..

Adults have been collected from late June to August.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: For a discussion of the larvae see florea.

Foodplants: For a discussion of the larvae see florea.

Cucullia postera


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