Noctuidae - Psaphdinae - Grotellini



Grotella sampita Barnes 1907

Grotella sampita Barnes, 1907, Canad. Ent., 39: 93.

Diagnosis: The characters separating this species from septempunctata were discussed under the latter species. In particular the species has a row of fine black dots along the outer margin of the forewing and often the hindwing. The costa of the hindwing is suffused with gray and is not pure white as in septempunctata. Wing length: mean = 9.72 mm, standard deviation = 0.82 mm, n = 10.

Adults have been collected from late June to early September.

Distribution: This species has a generally southwestern distribution. It has been collected in the mountains of western Texas, throughout most of Arizona except the northeast, southeastern Nevada, Colorado, and southeastern California. This species has also been collected near Durango, in the state of Durango, Mexico. There is no discernable geographic variation. Individually the amount of gray suffusion in the hindwing is variable. A few specimens have very little and the hindwing appears almost pure white. The size of the black dots on the outer margin of the forewing is also variable. In some specimens the dots are very small, but in others are moderately large.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown


Grotella sampita


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