Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Nocloini





Nocloini New Genus 2 aliaga (Barnes)

Stiria aliaga Barnes, 1905, Can. Ent., 37: 213.

Diagnosis: New Genus 2 aliaga is a distinctive species. The forewing is bright yellow and all maculation is absent or indistinct except for a dull reddish brown outer margin. The antemedial and postmedial lines are present and dull red-brown, but very indistinct. The reniform and orbicular spots are very indistinct and defined, at most, by dull red-brown spots on either side of the reniform mark and between the orbicular mark and the antemedial line. The hindwing of both males and females is light yellow, lighter than the forewing and all maculation is absent. The male and female genitalia are as described in the generic description. Wing length: mean = 11.32 mm, standard deviation = 0.55 mm, n = 10.

Adults have been collected in July and August.

Distribution: This species is so far known only from southeastern and south-central Arizona, although it undoubtedly occurs across the border in northern Mexico. There is little variation in this species. There is a little variation in the distinctness of the maculation of the forewing, although none of it is ever very distinct. There is no sexual dimorphism in the color of the hindwing.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Nocloini New Genus 2 aliaga


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