Noctuidae - Psaphidinae - Triocnemidini




Poliocnemis ungulatus Benjamin

Poliocnemis ungulatus Benjamin, 1932, Bull. So. California Acad Sci., 31: 30.

Diagnosis: Poliocnemis ungulatus is a distinctive species superficially and morphologically. Superficially the costa of the forewing is slightly concave and the apex of the wing pointed. There is a white patch running from the costa of the forewing along the costa and then swirlling around a dark reniform spot. The upper part of the postmedial line is a fine black line. The entire effect is a vortex toward the apex of the forewing. The only other significant maculation is a black medial line running obliquely from the costa to the cell.

Adults have been collected from early spring to late fall without any apparent separate broods.

Distribution: This species is known from the western mountainous regions of Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Males and females are slightly sexually dimorphic. Males have a pure white hindwing but the female hindwing is fuscous. Females average slightly larger than males and the white patch along the upper costa of the forewing is more strongly developed in males than females.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown

Poliocnemis ungulatus

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