Noctuidae - Stiriinae




Hoplolythrodes arivaca (Barnes)

Lythrodes arivaca Barnes, 1907, Canad. Ent., 39:66.

Diagnosis: Hoplolythrodes arivaca is a distinctive species known only from the holotype from southern New Mexico. The forewing is elongate. The forewing ground color is white although the subterminal region is vaguely suffused with yellow-brown. The median area is the most distinctive feature of the forewing. The antemedial line is a vague yellow-brown line curving from the costa inward toward the inner base of wing. No distinction in color exists between the basal area and the inner half of the median area. In contrast the median area between the strongly marked medial and postmedial lines is yellow-brown. The forewing appears as if it has an extremely narrow, dark, yellow-brown median area. The orbicular mark is a small white circle outlined by a fine brown line and the reniform mark is kidney shaped with a central dark brown lunule. All the veins in the subterminal region are strongly accented with yellow-brown. Wing length from base to apex: mean = 15.45 mm., n = 1.

Distribution: This species is known only from the holotype from Deming, in southwestern New Mexico. The holotype was collected in September.

Identification Quality: Excellent

Larva: Unknown

Foodplants: Unknown


Hoplolythrodes arivaca


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